Design Philosophy

We are visionaries that bridges across the East and the West.

Our mission is to create the most active urban places for cities.

Our design encourages interaction, which promotes a more open, prosperous and fair society.

We have deep interest in study people’s life from an equal perspective.

We pursueuniqueness ,flexibilityand playful design, yet pragmatic.

We believe that successful projects are timeless,  which will evolve over time and provide continuous energy for cities.

UV was established in Los Angeles in 2004, since then we have expanded into Shenzhen (2013) and Beijing (2017), merging international design with domestic construction expertise. Our principals have over 40* years of combined design experience, working on large scale projects for major architectural design offices like JERDE, RTKL, KPF.

UV combines international vision with a strong humanistic sensitivity. We look to explore the dynamic relationship between people, buildings and cities, in order to create unique spatial experiences and expressions of forms. Our goal is to reclaim the built environment for people, to bring beauty and balance to enliven people’s lives.
In our effort to create a more authentic urban experience we have expanded our office expertise to include residential, office, retail, and hospitality uses, along with creative and cultural spaces;and thrive” lifestyle. We relish our work with international partners and we have developed the particular skills needed to efficiently manage large-scale, complex projects to a high level of design and detail, on time and on budget. These skills, along with our ability to design and manage the design process from the concept through construction, ensures success for our clients, consultants and contractors.